By Keren Hadfusa Heichal Hakoidesh Breslev

The Divine Conversation - LTR

Language: English

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Sweet words of faith, encouragement, and inspiration for everyone — with the hope and purpose that they be worthy of coming close to G-d and of attaining eternal perfection in this passing world. Words that will help them bask in the ecstatic warmth and pleasure of G-d’s Divine Presence. Along with teachings on how to speak with G-d in total innocence.


▪️ Nice big print

▪️ 8.5 x 5.5 inches

▪️ Soft cover

▪️ 176 pages

▪️ 22 Chapters

▪️ Tikkun Haklali with English Translation

▪️ Printed by Keren Hadfusa of Breslov


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